Some hot shot

I just read the spouse’s latest post, and I just want to say how glad I am that we’re married. I can’t really count the ways that I love you, DP, but I have listed a few.

1. Really, really smart. That’s why you have that canned ham head. Big brain. Turn on.

2. Finely-tuned bullshit detector. Man, I LOVE the way you call bullshit on…well, bullshit. OK, sometimes you need to take it down a notch. It’s really not that big a deal if one of the kids is misquoting something that you said a week previously or makes some kind of logical error in a tossed-off comment. But when you tackle people too lazy to check the historical record, nobody does it better. 

3. Funny.   

4. Brave. It would be one thing if you were fearless. True courage is only possible for the fearful. Good job.

5. Sense of humor. Different from being funny. When we met, yours was lacking. Over the last few years, you’ve started laughing at yourself. It’s wonderful. Keep it up.

6. Patient. Not always on the small stuff, but on the big stuff, you’re outstanding.

7. Balance. You are the air that lets my fire breathe. Sometimes you’re the fire, I’m the air. It works out.

8. Passion. For so many things, including me. I couldn’t be married to a slab of wet cement. I love the way you care in such a crazy, committed way about so many things.

9. Your calves are perfect.

10. Moral. You are more dedicated to doing what’s right because it’s right than anyone I know.

11. You really, really love me. Bitten nails and all. 

I love you, too, Dennis Perrin.

3 thoughts on “Some hot shot

  1. *sniffles* And you guys’ relationship reaffirm my undying belief in love….thank you for letting me be a witness to that which we all search our lives for. And thank you for letting me share in the warmth of your love…


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