Long Time, No…Whatever

Big movie weekend. 3 really good movies, 3 really stand-out performances:

The Prestige: Finally got the spouse to watch it and was pleased that he liked it. I loved this movie. I would own it. It’s partly because Christian Bale is just amazing, and not just because I have a crush on him (he plays the tough working-class guy, so I really didn’t have a chance). But it’s also one of the most inventive things I’ve seen in a long time. I loved the flashbacks within flashbacks, the twists and turns. The Times review was cranky – quelle surprise. Assholes. Heh.

Sophie Scholl: A stunning movie about the White Rose resistance movement in Germany. The main performance by Julia Jentsch was flawless, heartbreaking. You can’t convey that intensity and intelligence if you don’t have them, and yet almost all American actors are so stupid. They couldn’t pull it off. Also, the movie looks amazing, all grays and blacks except for the Reich flag and her red sweater – brilliant, as one of the central issues is, what’s a true German? Great schtuff, as a German pal used to say.

The Queen: Helen Mirren is the real deal. There’s really nothing I can add to all that’s been said about her extraordinary inhabiting of Eliz. II.

Watching her and Jentsch did remind me of a Johnny Carson episode I’ve never forgotten. Bob Newhart was on – this was back when the first series was on – and he mentioned that his son did impressions. JC said, “We’ll have to bring him on the show.” And Newhart said in that classic delivery, “Well, there’s only one problem…..he’s not very good.” Kind of how I feel when I look back at my acting. All I could do was comedy, which is supposed to be hard. Limited range. Man, did I hate giving people access to my real feelings.

And here I am blogging. Irony, you naughty scamp!

One thought on “Long Time, No…Whatever

  1. Oh I absolutely LOVED “The Prestige”….originally I just watched it because I have a major crush on both Bale and Jackman but the story was fabulous as you pointed out so it was good eye candy and a great flick…I love it when that happens.

    I will have to watch the other two….mom is actually watching “The Queen” right now….I wasn’t interested but now I wanna go

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