For Clare

In lieu of a card, here are a few reasons that 1 day really isn’t enough to celebrate Mom.

1. The best listener on the planet. Mom isn’t just a good listener, she genuinely likes to listen. You can’t fake that. I’ve never met anyone in my life who listens the way Mom does, no matter how dumb or crazy the content. I’m so grateful for flat rate long distance; there’s no way I would cut my phone time with her.

2. Sense of humor. Mom loves to laugh, and she taught all of us how to do it, often and at ourselves. More than one person has commented on the dry witty streak that runs through the family. That’s a combination of Mom and Dad. It’s a wonderful legacy.

3. Joy. Mom is never afraid to be thrilled, not just for her self but for other people. Her optimism is never sugary. It’s the real deal.

4. Curiosity. I love, love, love that Mom never stops learning or looking for something new and exciting. That’s what keeps her so young.

5. Unconditionally loving. Mom is where I learned about the second, and twenty-fifth, and fiftieth chance. All good, as I’m due to screw something up….

6. Fun. I remember so many times with Mom where we both got the giggles and couldn’t stop. I think the only other person that ever happens with is the Eldest. On a road trip, heck, on any trip, she is fabulous company.

7. Storytelling. I credit both Mom and Dad with my writing talent. Mom in particular made all those Bible characters come to life; check out her latest post to see what I grew up with. She never studied writing, she just writes like this. She remains one of my biggest influences.

8. There. I’m not a big cryer, but I can remember plenty of times where there was nothing to say, so Mom had the sense to be quiet. More importantly, she was there. If you call her, she’ll get on the next plane.

9. Supportive. I’m blessed to have been born at a time where Mom and Dad weren’t struggling financially and to have been very young when they became Christians. In their cases, their faith truly changed their lives. Mom above all people allowed me to believe I could do anything. It has been a wonderful gift.

10.  Insightful. Damn, Mom is right a lot. She definitely gets people. Just recently, she helped me through a conflict and totally nailed what was going on with the other person; I had almost the exact thing that she had guessed at confirmed by someone to the letter. It’s that true knack that she has of figuring out what makes people tick. She’s kinda like a psychic geiger counter.

11. Grace. Mom taught me how to make a classy exit: leave ’em wanting more.

 I love you, Mom. Happy Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And then start over again.

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