Things Fal Apart

Yeah, I know, the bad puns on Jerry Falwell’s name are coming thick and fast. It’s just too easy. My consolation is, hardly anybody reads this thing. Quality over quantity works for me at the moment.

That said, I have two things to say about JF’s passing:

1. No thanks, pal, for helping to make “Christian” a cuss word to so many people – not that it wasn’t, but people trying to follow in Christ’s footsteps already have their work cut out for them without more negative p.r. I do hope the first thing Mr. F saw upon his leaping the void was a copy of the sermon on the mount, to which his only honest answer could have been, “Oh, shit.”

2. The spouse has a particularly good post on the big J. The Hustler parody is peurile and not to my taste, ancillary reading. But the man had it coming to him. Having recently watched, in the Eyes of Tammy Faye, the self-righteous lip-smacking delight Falwell took in pointing fingers at people exactly like him, I’m not sorry to see him ridiculed as viciously as possible; he was a vicious man. Not very Christian of me, but, well, so often that’s such a tall order.

I am so grossed out by people who use their religion as a political football. I was a religious minority for 4 years of my life – when we lived in Idaho and I was one of 3 non-Mormons in my high school graduating class of 200, one of whom converted mid-year. It ain’t fun being force-fed theocratic policies by an omnipotent majority. So I empathize with those who despise so-called Christians who ramrod their aggressive, narrow-minded, and self-serving agendas down people’s throats, all in the name of God. Ugh. The only agenda Christians are supposed to have is to love. That in itself is so difficult and a triple overtime job; when and if people apply themselves to that, they cannot have time for anything else.

But then, my definition of Christian is not for all. It’s not a label. It’s how you’re supposed to live. Be humble. Accept people for who they are. Don’t judge. Give people your coat when they ask for your shirt. Question. Don’t accept the easy answers. Jesus did all of that and a lot more. But for some reason, I can’t see him pulling strings to get his personal preferences made into national law. Surely he would have abolished capital punishment?

For Lord’s sake, people, listen to what he said: “Not my will, but thine.” JF and those following in his footsteps have somehow convinced themselves that their will coincides with God’s. The arrogance behind that is truly horrifying, and there are dozens of examples of what happens to the arrogant in the Bible. The bad side of me gleefully awaits the fall, but frankly, it’s sad as hell.

Now, as an example of how Christians should act, I offer an incident with the spouse last night, who doesn’t and I doubt ever will officially call himself the C word. When verbally assaulted by the Eldest, he stayed quiet. Later, he proffered her a truly beautiful apology where he humbly admitted his shortcomings, told her how much he loved and respected her, and just basically was a wonderful dad. It’s a small house with thin walls, so I heard the whole thing, but I must say, Perrin, last night you amazed me. Thank you.

Now everybody get out there and love somebody right away.

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