Eldest Abroad: Days 1-4

Good Lord, I miss the child in a crazy way. I’m living for the daily calls. Here’s the report so far, and I will keep it current:

Day 1: The flight to Paris passed without incident. She had to sit next to a tour leader the entire time, but slept for most of it. Her neck is fine (she and a friend were rear-ended the day before).

Day 2: They got to Paris around 11:30 Paris time, and headed straight to the Eiffel Tower. E stayed on level two, not because she fears heights, but because she knew that the top level wouldn’t be as good for picture taking. She reports that she’s already used about half of her allotted gig for photos, but she will be editing and also buying another photo card as they’re not very expensive over there. Food not so great today: They ate a restaurant called the Buffalo Grill, which pretty much says it all.

Day 3: Notre Dame got high marks; the guide was good and overall, E loved it. The Louvre would have been great if they could have gotten their scheduled 2-hour trip, but 2 knuckle-headed girls delayed the whole thing by an hour, so their time was halved. E is not a Mona Lisa fan as she thinks there are so many Leonardos that are better (she took an art history class and also she is stuck with me for a mother, so she knows more than is probably proper about Renaissance art); she said it was very lame as the crowds and the heavy glass make it just about impossible to see the damn thing. Following the Louvre, they went to Montmartre and saw Sacre Couer and then toured the neighborhood and saw the original Moulin Rouge. The narrow streets were not terribly conducive to the elephant herd she is with (on a dork scale of 1-10, she rated them a 35), but she still had a great time. She wishes that they spent more time walking and less time on the bus. You can take the girl out of New York…..

Day 4: Today was spent at Versailles, which she said basically sucked. It was rainy out, so no garden time, and she had the typical Versailles experience, which is marching with the hordes through room after room of gilded furniture. I went to Versailles with pretty serious knowledge of Marie Antoinette and I thought it was dull as hell (it’s a huge schlep to the Petit Trianon, where she did all the fun stuff like put on plays and pretended she was a sheperdess). E did get some interesting pics of a beat-up Versailles courtyard. After that, they went to a perfume factory, which was so-so; basically, it seemed to be a ploy to get the kids to buy perfume, which some were thick enough to do, but not our intrepid E. “Smells like old ladies and costs a million dollars. Are you crazy?” Dinner was actually good tonight, crepes (I didn’t find out which kind). Tomorrow, they head for Lyon with apparently a lot of stops along the way.

One thought on “Eldest Abroad: Days 1-4

  1. Living vicariously through Eldest will have to do for now I suppose. WE’ll all have to go together some day and do it right of course. Please tell her hello for me when you talk to her next.


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