Eldest Abroad: Days 5-6

Her phone is working (thanks, JP), so we just had a quick check-in. The companions are increasingly annoying, and the last call was a much-needed opportunity to cuss for about 5 solid minutes (cussing is considered a send-home-worthy offense).

Yesterday was spent driving to Lyon, which E reports is a lovely city, but one that she unfortunately didn’t get to see much of. As for the famous cuisine, she said she couldn’t remember, but that basically they were eating a lot of chicken and pommes frites. She was rather appalled that they spent the evening bowling (“BOWLING!!!!! &^@#%#@^&*(#”>%#@^&*(#%!!!!! We’re in FRANCE and we’re &*(&*) BOWLING!!” is, I believe, an exact quote). Tonight’s hotel is at least nice, though “in the middle of nowhere,” which doesn’t surprise me; I couldn’t imagine that a hotel right in Cannes would really be within the trip budget.

I’m hoping that tomorrow goes better, as they’re scheduled for a jaunt round the Riviera: Nice, Cannes, Monaco. They’re also supposed to go to a perfume factory which will hopefully be a better visit than the last one in Paris.

The three biggest complaints: 1. They never break the 35 total into smaller groups. This does seem a little mystifying to me; I agree that it must be incredibly difficult to see anything when you’re in that enormous of a herd. 2. The other kids are provincial and immature. She is esp. appalled at how careless everyone is, taking their money out in public to count it, etc. I love my little New Yorker. 3. The leaders are unfortunately almost as provincial; the main one, who has been around the world, spent several minutes ragging on the French today, probably not the best idea when one is in France, but also just sorta b.s.; the French are no different than anyone else in their ratio of assholes to nice people.

Frankly, the kid is homesick as hell. She loves the location, but she needs her family. I am hoping that she finds just one kid she can relate to in the horde in the next few days. If nothing else, she should have a hell of a travel journal. And shoot, they’re going to be in Italy starting Saturday.

I know a lot of people would say, well, she’s got a trip, she has no right to complain, but I’m really glad that she trusts me and misses me enough to be honest. And also, she’s pretty damn funny.

One thought on “Eldest Abroad: Days 5-6

  1. Good heavens! At least we had each other! I still remember laughing way more than anything else on our trip. How I pray she can find ONE person who she can vent to and laugh with. Trips of a lifetime are far better shared! I’m so glad she has the freedom to tell you how it is. She has never been one to exaggerate, except once or twice when she felt she had to make a point against me in debating! LYD GS

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