Eldest Abroad, Day 7

Too much pork for just one fork: They herded through Nice, Monaco, and Cannes today. I asked if there was anything in the touristy stuff that was worthwhile, and she said, “No. First of all, it’s too crowded so you don’t see anything. And they took us to Grace Kelly’s tomb. Gross! Who cares?” And, well, I see her point.

However, tonight was “awesome.” They met with a bunch of French kids from a small town – they have a one-room school. They ate pizza together and Trina taught them to play “Go Feesh” and something called B.S., which kept coming out as P.S. There was one “hot guy who was really tall.” She didn’t get his address due to the language barrier, but he asked her when she was coming back to France and gave her a hug. I could hear the crush. One of the other kids got the name and address of a girl in the town, and Trina figures it’s small enough that she’ll be able to get in touch. Also she took pictures so that we can all see him.

She said that the Koolaid is starting to wear out, and that some of the kids are starting to realize that the trip is “sorta b.s.” Which I knew would happen. She said a few have started to emerge that she can get along with. I guess tonight broke a lot of ice between the American kids as well.

So….maybe some French in-laws at some point…..

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