Big Sis

Bocky, as I like to call her (short story but difficult to impart in writing), is in fine form. Head over to her blog and read a rather inspired way to conduct the 08 presidential race, and an equal opportunity round-up of mind-boggling political quotes.

Of note: tomorrow is her birthday. I wish I could take her to a spa, and not some Michigan day version but some place in Mexico where you do beauty boot camp and hike and have maybe a raisin for breakfast and then dip in a mud bath. Maybe some day. My sister is one of the most generous people I know. Over the years, she has given me time, money, advice, a place to live when things were rough, a shoulder to cry on, tons of laughs, leftovers, a tasty non-alcholic version of her ginger margarita so I could raise a glass along with everyone else, candy on demand, babysitting…..if she has it to share, she shares it, no questions.

She’s funny. This family, like all others, needs a good sense of humor, and I’m grateful that we live close enough to laugh in person often and long.

 She’s sassy. Dennis calls her “Dexter’s Sexiest Grandmother,” but I think that area’s too small. (North America’s? Western Hemisphere’s?)

E.B. White sums it up for me: “It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.”

Make that present tense.
Happy Birthday, Charlotte.

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