I Don’t Know What to Write

So I started to write about life on the Mule Train with the spouse, whose moods lately have risen and fallen with the number of his book in Amazon’s political category. As the book is no longer in the top 100 (after an amazing 8 day run where it averaged the top 10), you can imagine. But this blog has never been about the daily magic of being me, and I don’t want to start that now. I prefer to suppress all my feelings and either take them out on the people I love or turn them into fiction. It’s good to be crazy!

Basically, I’m writing to let folks know I’m still around, but have had a bit of a writing funk. It’s been quite a summer, about 60% quite good, but a lot of coming to terms with various things like mortality (2 friends dead at 49 in the last 6 months) and other issues I shan’t broach here. I have nothing to complain about. I have a good job in time of mass unemployment, a wide range of talents that are appreciated by many, a great family, both those who spawned me and those I spawned (and of course, the spawning partner), we can pay the bills, and we’re not being bombed on a daily basis or even inconvenienced much. So when occasional malaise hits, as it is this week and has been scratching at the door for the last month or so, I feel like a jerk. I have, after all, nothing to complain about and an enormous tidal wave of stuff to be grateful for.

In any event, I am still alive and kicking and hoping to get some writing energy soon with which to festoon this site and other things. Thank you to those who are still finding your way here, and do keep the faith.

Also, an amazing post by Barry Crimmins. Please read. When something’s this good, sometimes you just want to shut up and read.

Should you be so inclined, do spread the word about Savage Mules, the spouse’s book – which, oddly, we still haven’t seen a copy of. But if you order through his site rather than directly at Amazon, he gets more money. Yes, money. The cause and solution to all the world’s problems….

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