Palin! She Sucks!

I have received no less than 20 emails from various friends about Sarah Palin. The outrage! The very effrontery!

Good Lord. No wonder the spouse is so freakin’ grouchy so much of the time.

Look, I never ever pretend to have the political chops of the spouse. He’s taught me a fair amount of what I know, and taught me in the best way, which is basically helped me focus my questions and then given me a bunch of sources to figure out what I think. Though of course, I’m sure a great many people apply the Helen Keller defense to me: as long as Keller stuck to her autobiography and general uplift, she was a beautiful mind, but when she started criticizing the way the country was run, the poor blind and deaf thing had just been spoonfed by her evil influencers.

Whatever. Here is my response to the latest incredibly self-righteous Sarah Palin memo I’ve received. Enjoy. Or make a Helen Keller joke. Free country. Sort of.

My response:
We’re screwed. Sorry.

I don’t think there will be all the vote tampering and corruption of the last two elections (Kerry won), I don’t think McCain will need it. He’s playing the race card very well (look at those ads where Obama is basically depicted as Washington’s Boy, bossed around by the senior white members of Congress and Not Ready to Lead!), and by choosing “Math? I’m just a girl!!” Palin, one of the most cynical moves in political campaign history, he’s just playing up that sex sells. It is, after all, just a big con job anyway, right?

If it’s any consolation, the empire will just die faster, possibly going out with a relatively entertaining bang, as opposed to hobbling along under Obama, who will be stuck with a U.S. that is likely beyond repair. How much say do you think the president has? Look at your history. The administration and the corporate backers are the ones who call all the shots. The president’s just the mouthpiece. Sure, some of us are ok with a sophisticated, smart, charismatic guy as our brand spokesperson, but by and large Americans are hugely anti-intellectual. They’re more comfortable with a nut bag and a bimbo as the national symbols than with a skinny lawyer with a weird name who can’t bowl for shit.

And of course, all the braying over Palin is just taking the focus off issues that are much more important. What I wouldn’t give to see Democrats expend this much energy on stopping atrocities in Darfur and Congo, or protesting the bankruptcy bill that the glorious Joe Biden and People’s Poet Debbie Stab-a-cow strongly supported, or a protest where people simply refuse to work until we get the troops the fuck out of Iraq. I’ve received 10 times more email on Palin than I have on any REAL issue. There are so many things to be outraged about. Why are we leveling all of this fury at one woman? How is that going to bring about any important difference?

But now, we should probably go back to whining about Palin, right? I hear she shoots moose! For Fun!
End post

I received:
Palin is just another example of what a lousy President McCain would be. It just highlights their cynicism about the American people, i.e., that we’re too stupid to notice. (And they may be right.) I agree the focus should not be on her. That’s what the McCain campaign wants. They don’t want people looking at the issues. I can’t believe Obama/Biden would be as bad as McCain/Palin. Their not perfect either, but then, name me someone in Washington who is perfect. Certainly, something at least will get done under an Obama/Biden ticket, because Democrats will also control both houses. We have to change the status quo and hope it means better – if not perfect – times ahead. Otherwise, this country really will be screwed.

I then replied:
Oh, we’re screwed already. There’s no unscrewing at this point.

I do hope we can change the S.Q., but it will take energy which should not be expended on this pair of horse’s asses; this is roughly the 20th Sarah Palin email I have received in the last week. I’ve gotten nothing on the current death count in Iraq (anyone want to take a gander? No?).

I do hope that Obama is indeed President Change. I do hope, on so many fronts, that I am wrong and that, as Obama says, “we’re better than this.” I’ll vote, even though I’ll be puking in my mouth when I fill in the Biden slot.

But we should all be prepared for the worst. Sorry to rain on the parade. But maybe enough rain will get people to have a plan for change in the event that Obama loses – one that preferably goes beyond “Let’s bitch and complain until 2012, when Hillary will say, ‘See? I told you so!!’ “ What are we gonna do if McCain wins? I highly doubt it will be any different than what we did when Bush won – which was, at least from my observation, basically nothing other than a lot of complaining.
End post

Hee. Haw.

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