Random weekend

Watched In Bruges Thursday night, and liked it so much I managed to get the spouse to watch it last night. He liked it, too. Very, very funny, but not a dreaded action comedy.

Saw Benjamin Button today. It started feeling pretty Forest Gump-y to me early on, and the music was awfully swoony for David Fincher. I told the spouse afterwards that it was like a smart version of Gump, he agreed, then looked it up, and sure enough, same writer. Interesting premise, and Brad Pitt is much better when he’s buried under make-up and special effects. He does that thing that all actors who are better at being crazy – he’s great in Fight Club and Burn After Reading – do when they’re doing Heavy Roles, which is just dial things way, way back and stand there and look all soulful. The movie’s sad, but it’s a manipulative sad, not a desperate, blaze of glory sad like Last of the Mohicans or Atonement. So….that’s out of the way. Certain to be nominated for Best Picture, but I hope David Fincher doesn’t ever make anything else like it.

Just read about this preacher in Seattle at Mars Hill church. He’s all macho and cusses, insists that women submit to the authority of their husbands, that questioning is wrong. What an asshole. Yes, I love intolerance, heretic burning, and women being barred from the pulpit. I love people who spend more time concentrating on Paul’s most sexist and homophobic commands while basically ignoring the much less sexy things like not judging lest you be judged and giving away everything you have to the poor and forgiving people. I could write at length on Macho Christian Assholes and probably will at some point, but tonight’s not the night.

Going to take a bath and try to finish the two books on the reading list. Gulliver’s mid-section is proving, as expected, a tough go, and the next book on the list, Arlington Park by Rachel Cusk, is sort of like being trapped with a bunch of St. Luke’s moms in a Starbucks except they all have British accents. Books like this, I thank God for skimming. Trusting Gulliver will pick up again with the Horse folk, which someone on list very cleverly compared to Planet of the Apes . If only they’d called the remake Ape, Where’s My Dude?

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