Stone Cold

Seth Rogan is on the Oscars doing his pot thing. Pot humor bores the shit out of me 90% of the time. Stoned people are much funnier to themselves than to anyone else, and basically they just seem like idiots, which I guess is the point. Of course, laughing uproariously at stuff that’s mildly amusing is less obnoxious than passionate lectures about perception, doors opening onto it, cliches as philosophy, declarations that are profound to the declarer but just make the listener feel embarassed and sad for the speaker and …. well, you get the idea.

But over the weekend, I saw pot and its consumption treated in a movie with true charm, mainly because the movie itself was so charming. Duck Season, which I found courtesy of Manohla Dargis, is a very small (not much more than 70 minutes), very sweet movie. It’s about 2 kids who spend a weekend in a parent-free Mexico City apartment with a couple of friends, and pot consumption occurs about midway through. The entire movie is about innocence, which somehow is maintained throughout. Rather than watching a bunch of overweight shlubby guys laugh at stupid shit (Judd Apatow, your life is calling), you see 4 people who don’t quite know what hit them. There are no incoherent justifications for how great weed is, just genuine joy in the sound of water dripping out of a faucet and in the worthy pastime of giggling.

The pot scenes pass by in a blip; they’re just part of a weekend where the kids and their companions rather aimlessly go from anticipating the time of their lives to realizing that life isn’t a series of revelations as much as a walk from one place to another where, much of the time, you just kind of zone out rather than really live. At the same time, the irrepresible nature of kids continually pops up again, joyful and hopeful despite the odds.

I do hope the Eldest watches it. I think it will make her smile.

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