So….what have you been up to?


I’ve been inspired, then lost the traction, and keep trying to get it back. And will, at some point. Maybe this weekend.
I read a bunch of books, at the cost of writing a bunch of posts.
I got really close to somebody really terrific. Good friends are rare and, well, good.
I realized what I don’t want to do with my life.
I started to realize that gravity is what it is. Neither more nor less.
I decided I really wanted my back back.
I cracked a filling.
I laughed a lot because I was happy.
I cried a little because I was scared.
I found out how much I loved someone.
The kids had birthdays. We did the same thing for both. It worked great once.
When toxic things came my way, I felt mad and not guilty.
I prayed more and believed I’d get results.
I got results.
I felt, and continue to feel, really really grateful for all the stuff in my life. Even the bad stuff.

Of course, I’ve been up to a lot more. Those aren’t really highlights. You can’t hardly cover those, especially if you don’t capture them as they come. But that’s ok.
Tomorrow is a sweet word.

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