Back from Forever

It’s been a long time since I posted anything, and a lot has happened. I just haven’t really wanted to write about it. But in the course of the hiatus, I figured some stuff out.

For one, I’ve long been somewhat puzzled on the purpose of this here blog thing.  My model, and favorite blogger, has been the spouse. I like his essay approach to blogging and just sort of naturally followed suit. But unlike him, I’m not a natural essayist.  The spouse over the years has become downright crack at the art, cranking out 3-4 of the damn things a week, every week.  He writes absolutely every day, without fail. That’s not something I can do. Additionally, he is much more open about  his demons than I am. I don’t think he’ll be mad if I say that I’m pretty sure  he has more. Perrin fights his way through life, barely noticing his own bruises and scratches and ready to give as good and often much better than he gets. (Lest someone misinterpret this, he is a very sweet guy under all the thrashing.) Meanwhile, though capable of a fair amount of high drama myself, I am at heart peace-loving. I’m definitely better at observing people and telling stories than at wrestling with weighty ideas.  I’m probably dumber. Both of us are survivors, but eternal optimism is key to my overcoming the odds; his approach has more of an “I’ll show you, you bastards!” air.

In any event, thanks to a great deal of encouragement, I think after close to half a century I’ve finally figured out my true calling. Perhaps at some point I’ll go into that here. It’s a different kind of authorship, and I feel enormously thrilled and energized and at peace as I move in that direction.

But because updates are important to friends and families, and because preserving a few things about my days means something to me, nanarama will be, as of now, a bi-weekly assemblage of random thoughts and quite pedestrian recording of what I’m up to. Once in a while, I may drop in the lengthy piece more typical of the past. But I’ve stopped putting pressure on myself to only blog when I have something essay-length to say.

See you all around (all two or three of you who may still be tuned in).

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