Tim Gunn Brings the Bitch!

I haven’t watched Project Runway in a couple of years, but have had quite the ass-whuppin’ over the past several days, so catching up on 3 hours of utterly mindless fashion twaddle felt just right. I like the episodes where there are still lots of contestants, and the season seems to be up a notch from the last excruciatingly boring year that I watched. And it was all worth it to see Tim Gunn go OFF on this really annoying woman named Gretchen who looks sort of like Daryl Hall’s sister, which: not so good.

No doubt, after the smackdowns I’ve received of late (don’t ask), my schadenfreude is showing.  That phrase, by the way, is a song title that the spouse came up with as part of a musical, or perhaps it was the title of a musical. Spouse, whichever one it was, please write all lyrics stat.

Also discovered this delightful writer and her blog today, courtesy of the Ann Arbor Library. The A2 Lib is seriously one of the greatest in the country, and my local branch used to be the main Brooklyn Library on Grand Army Plaza. I adore libraries; I go every week and just roam for a good hour.  I can remember being an introverted and imaginative kid, and the Saratoga Library (California, not Springs) was paradise; to this day, I get that same infusion of calm, comfort, and joy.

Anyway, the blogger above, Catherine Price, was mentioned on the site courtesy of her new book, 101 Places Not to See Before You Die. This woman after my own heart specializes in going to really weird places so the rest of us don’t have to. A warning: The blog post as I write features rather graphic details about Rasputin’s penis, which I understand is a forgery, but, ersatz or no, currently resides in the Museum of Erotica, which itself is housed in a VD clinic somewhere near St. Petersburg. Any country that not only preserves a maniac’s member in a jar, and then authenticates whether or not it’s genuine deserves a shout out. Can’t imagine why my ancestors fled from it, crowding their way into steerage after escaping from their village buried under a haycart.  Oh well, the museum probably wasn’t there yet.

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