Rather than throw yet another meaningless Best Of list on the heap, I’d prefer to sing the year out with the praises of a few (mostly) non-famous folks:
My incredible parents, Conn and Clare. Thank you so much for everything. I love you.
My kids, aka my Soul and my Heart.
My siblings. I don’t have any choice but to have you all in my life, and yet, if I made a wish list, I wouldn’t know how to ask for a group as wonderful as you.
My friends, especially Foley, Amanda, Adrian, and Jim and Laura. All of you have helped me more than you can ever know.
And finally, Dennis Perrin. My soul is richer, my writing is better, my experience more profound because of you. Bust cool, daddy-o.
For all the rest of you kind folks who tune in, my profound gratitude. May the surprises that 2011 brings you be at least 75% pleasant. After all, 100% pleasant could make you lose your edge.

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