Just Plain Weird

I’m ambivalent about advertising. It’s where creative people end up who haven’t yet, and may never, catch the break so that they can just be creative. So some spectacular work gets done, and a lot of good solid work gets done, and naturally a lot of crap. But at least advertising’s honest – it’s overtly selling you stuff, with no hidden agenda – and tends to be short.

That latter is not a virtue of this very bizarre spot from David Lynch. OK, that’s redundant. When Dennis and I went to see Mulholland Drive, we ran into a couple, sitting glassy-eyed from the previous screening. “Don’t tell us the ending,” said Dennis. “On second thought, it IS David Lynch. Better not tell us the middle.”

I normally don’t cover ads here, trying to keep work and art separate (which is why there’s this), but since I lerve David Lynch, and since this thing is 4 minutes long, it’s more like reviewing a short than an ad. Lynch and ads are such a strange fit anyway – aren’t many of his movies about the perils and thrills of living in a society that hypes a dream and delivers a nightmare?
Furthermore, elliptical needs time to work, and good ads get to the point.

This bizarre thing pimping Lynch’s new Signature Cup Coffee – well, heck, it doesn’t even try. I LOVE Mulholland Drive. I want to watch pretty much anything Lynch does. And this is just….dumb.

But judge for yourself.

(And thanks to Steve Smith over at MediaPost, who cranks out a column or two a day and always finds interesting stuff.)

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