Anybody In There?

Dear ones, there is a great deal to tell, but I am happy to report that after some creative confusion, I have been struck with a story that, at last and not since the novel of 99, is coursing through my system and forcing me to write it. I suspect to be somewhat consumed over the next weeks. I shall give quick updates, but don’t wish to dilute the larger effort with smaller ones.

Do know that to see the superb Alexander McQueen show at the Met in the same day as City Ballet’s Jewels is to be overwhelmed by genius, as well as awestruck at the privilege of witnessing the output at two people who, somehow, managed to be in places where they could do what they were meant to do.

What a world, whimpers the Wicked Witch of the West when Dorothy pours the bucket of water on her. But it’s just occurring to me that she says that because she hates to leave it. What a world indeed, glorious and scary and awful and wonderful at once.

See you soon.

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