Absolutely no trouble in Paradise

The following are not exemplary Haiku, but they served the dual purpose of calming me on a hectic morning and afternoon and succinctly summing things up as I left with the Kid for the tropics:

3:15 o’clock
I did not realize that you
Occur twice a day

So tired right now
Next to the Kid on the plane
Someone else driving

Atlanta airport
On time despite de-icing
The boy wants biscuits

Delta “dropped” our seats
No explanation, but we’re on
Hope bags make it too

Sitting on runway
Returning to gate for check
Good company helps

We’re leaving soonish
According to the pilot
You rock, maintenance crew

(BTW, there was no time for biscuits, but on the plus side, all the bags made it. YES.)

Of course, I had a poem for when we landed, but alas, the island does not speak Sprint so at that point my heavily populated Face book feed cuts off. Here it is:

Heavenly island
Some kid just said, “Hey, Mom, look.
There’s an ocean.”

When I pointed out to my Kid, who had provided me the snippet (he overheard it, didn’t say it), that I was short a syllable, he said, “Add an exclamation point.” He’s a problem solver.

We stood in line in 80 degrees with a bright sun waiting to go through customs. The Kid said, “Call me crazy, but I think I prefer this to Michigan.” Practical and wise.

S picked us up after a lengthy and chaotic customs entry process, and off we headed in our rental for the day (he swapped the motorbike). On the way back, we took a back road and saw this amazing little girl.

Here’s the house. And it has a view.

Ha ha. That was a wee joke. I hope you enjoyed as hearty laugh as I.

We climbed up and up and up. Look for the rainbow. (Look hard.)

The Kid continues to hone his fine eye for the good shot.

Then we climbed up and up to the house. It’s like being back at Cornell. In case you can’t tell, that hill is steep.

Here are some bananas from a tree in the backyard. I bet you didn’t know that this is what bananas look like before they have Dole stickers on them.

Here’s the hammock chair on the upper balcony where I’ll read one of the 10 books I brought. Check out S’s rasta hammock. Not for nothing did he spend two years in Jamaica. Heh.

Here’s the protected bay where we’ll initiate snorkeling. I love the pinkish lavender cast that oceans around islands have.

Not that I could keep the Kid out of the water. Some background: When he was a baby, I used to take him and his sister to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Every time we got near the lily pond, I had to physically restrain him with all my might, often enlisting the other kid. It was like trying to hold onto a salmon.

Afterwards, we ate on the verandah and looked at stars. They look really close down here. And pretty darn big.

Note: In order to access the web, we have to either go to a café or stand in the one spot in the house where there’s access. It’s very similar to the old rabbit ear TVs. You tell yourself, “ok, move a quarter inch to the left….another quarter – STOP. Lift one arm a little higher. Ignore the searing pain in your shoulders initiated when you click email icon. Daily Candy Weekend Guide to NY. Awesome. All right, that’ll have to do for now.” It’s a bit strange being quite this far off the grid, only because my habits in checking email and Facebook are so much more deeply ingrained than I’d realized.

Sign me up for more.

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