And the winners are….

A quick top 10 list for 2012:

The top spots go to Dad and Mom. I will always be grateful that I was able to spend a few precious hours with my dad, who kept his wits and sense of humor right up to the end. Difficult as death is, to have been loved by my dad my entire life, to have watched his example and always been so sure of him, has been a tremendous gift that I will never lose. And to see the love of my dad’s life, my mom, help him close out this chapter with such grace and love—it doesn’t get any better. For such people and occasions, the word “blessed” was invented.

Mom and Dad wedding

Just under that are taking yoga class with Katrina after she graduated from Bikram College and working with Henry on Shakespeare.

I’ve been so fortunate to get to travel this year. Snorkeling and helping pull teeth in Roatan, seeing the Leelanau peninsula for the first time, and this trip to New Orleans, from where I’m now posting (Second Line!), have been wonderful.

sunset use

On the cultural front, ArtPrize was one of the greatest events I’ve ever been to. Beyond the kitsch, and there was a lot, was a marvelous collective public art experience. Some pieces, including Song of Lift and More…Less knocked off my proverbial socks.


And then there is Beethoven, played as he should be played on a Steinway at last.

Surrounding all is mon belle amour, Steve. Because of him, I’ve been able to do all sorts of things I wouldn’t have dreamed were even in the possible range a while back. It is a thrill to have spent last year’s New Year’s Eve with him and now to realize that we’ve been through our first calendar year together from top to bottom. Here’s to many more to come, Mister. I love you.

Me and Steve bday

Wishing all of you a safe night tonight and a marvelous 2013. It’s a very lucky number, I hear.

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