I just wrote some stuff up on spec; since it’s topical and I like to see hard work go for something and not be in the “ain’t been in vain for nothin’ ” category (thank you, Lina Lamont), here it is.

In Love with Letterpress for Feb 14
Ok, it’s a manufactured holiday every bit as commercial as Xmas. But if you’re in a relationship at any stage, woe betide you should you forget it. Avoid the depressing racks of supermarket cards featuring insipid rhymes and misty shots of champagne and roses and head straight over to The Hungry Workshop, an Aussie shop that takes letterpress design to glorious and giddy heights. Found courtesy of Creative Bloq, the shop gave me that pleasantly-warm-all-over feeling you get when you realize you’ll never have to go to Hallmark again. I’m particularly fond of Jesse Mallon’s “We’re Good Together,” an ode to perfect matches, Peter Borg’s “Love Sampler” complete with Whitman candy-style legend, and the lovely Blank Collection, which lets you complete statements like, “You’re the _______ to my ______” and “I love you like ________ loves _______.”


Then again, if you’re celebrating SAD (Single Awareness Day) instead, the “Lovesick” card from Malade Pathetics, featuring puking hearts, may be just the ticket.

Love, Writ Large
In the making lemonade from lemons category, we have Brit artist Tracey Emin, whose neon love-themed inscriptions will soon be etching themselves into the night in Times Square. The artist, who in 1997 created a tent appliquéd with the names of Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995, told ArtNews that she’s “really good at unrequited love.” The signs will be projected on digital screens at 11:57 every night in February, the letters appearing in an animated script. On the surface, sentiments like “Love is what you want” and “I promise to love you” border on the trite, but there’s an odd suspense as you wait for the simple message to unfold a letter at a time. And there’s poignancy to the messages’ short lives: At midnight, it’s back to the ads.


Downtown Abbey Follow-up? Please?
violet pills inc. has uncovered a trove of gorgeous b/w shots that epitomize Swinging London, literally: Twiggy is actually on a swing! There’s also a shot of Paul McCartney smiling while an old lady in an extraordinary hat points at him through a café window, and lots of bobbies.


The Fellowes connection: the post is done in celebration of his novel Past Imperfect, which according to Amazon involves a “search [that] takes the narrator back to the extraordinary world of swinging London, where aristocratic parents schemed to find suitable matches for their daughters while someone was putting hash in the brownies at a ball at Madame Tussaud’s.” Not that we ever want DA to end. But if it does, we know where we wanna go next.

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