Hello, February! A Swan Dress, Paris, Brooklyn, Chinese DVDs, and Crazy Bookshelves

What’s a woman to do when she’s constantly finding cool stuff in the course of job research? Post it here for your enjoyment, of course. I’ll still write the occasional personal essay and lengthier review. In the meantime, there’s so much cool stuff in the world. So let’s party, and happy Friday.

If you can’t get away this weekend, take a virtual trip to Paris via the gorgeous photography of my new twitter buddy, Andreas Shabelnikov. If these stunning pix don’t transport you, please seek help.

(This is a tiny snippet screen-grabbed from a much larger and amazing picture.)

Detail from a larger photo by Andreas Shabelnikov

Small clip from a larger photo by Andreas Shabelnikov

This animated ode to Brooklyn, favorited by the eclectic bunch over at vimeo, is delightful on so many levels. First there’s the beautiful song from Hem Music. Then the combination of director Jordan Bruner animating with Greg Lytle brings to life all sorts of strange, loose-jointed and snazzily-dressed creatures dancing, drinking, texting, and singing. And really, it’s just so Brooklyn, the place I called home for three mostly nice years, including the one in which we brought our son home from St. Vincent’s.

Gotta have fun on Friday. This Gizmodo article tipped me off to these amazing slogans for Chinese movies. Years ago, there was a NYTimes piece with bad translations, half of which turned out to be fake.. These, my friends, do not appear to be fake. The jump takes you to Pixfans, a Spanish site, and not every case will deliver uproarious laughter. But this one should.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 10.12.34 AM

Amazing: a paper wedding gown. It’s like swan armor. Thanks to Mocoloco. (Please jump so you can really explore this.)

(Detail of dress by Dana Jasinkevica and Dita Enikova)

Dress by Dana Jasinkevica and Dita Enikova, found at mocoloco.com

Dress by Dana Jasinkevica and Dita Enikova, found at mocoloco.com

This Flavorwire post reminded me of Paul Béliveau, an artist I first found out about at an Aspen gallery. His photo-realistic paintings of bookshelves, complete with books, are super pop-y, but really fun and have a little more staying power than you’d think; the books he chooses to group together get you thinkin’. I especially like the one that mashes up Jackie O, Mao, Marilyn, and I Shot Andy Warhol with Elvis on its spine.

Finally, I’ve been told it’s National Bubblegum Day. First the weird from Masaki Okuda:

…and now, delightful. No bubbles are blown in the following. People just chew gum that appears to be super sour. But it’s a lovely short directed by Fabian Prieto. Enjoy.

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