2/8: Some Cool Places in Roatan (and tell me about more if you know any)

I’m writing from Café Escondido in West End, Roatan, because our wifi surface is, how you say, unpredictable. We love Escondido and its lovely owner, Verity, who makes wonderful coffee and doesn’t charge a fortune for it. On top of that, I have a table with a view of ocean straight ahead and flourescent turquoise hummingbirds swarming the feeder to my left. Pop in if you’re down here.

We’re always looking for new restaurants. La Sirena is a destination and doesn’t have a website, but this gives you a good idea of what it’s like. This is not my video, btw; found it on YouTube. It’s by RoatanBubba.

We’re also fond of Blue Bahia Grill. But honestly, we don’t eat out too often, because frankly, a lot of places in Roatan serve the same thing: fish, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. Not that I object to perfect and fresh fish, but just to say it doesn’t matter so much where you eat. This trip, we’re pretty stoked to find Mayoka Inn, a gorgeous resort over in Sandy Bay. Their chef will cook up a multi-course dinner for you as long as you call in advance.

Of course, the most productive thing you can do here is go snorkeling. We’ve tried several spots, and have found the left of the beach near Infinity Bay at West Bay beach as well as the site of the former Smuggler’s at the top of the hill in West Bay to be reliably amazing. So far this week, we’ve seen a spotted eagle ray, with about an 8 foot tail. They’re not aggressive, but obviously, we didn’t want to get too close.


Yesterday was big fish guy; this French angel was about the size of a large pizza (they’re usually about the size of a regular tortilla).


Here’s a rainbow parrot, a variety of parrotfish we hadn’t seen before. Enormous! At least 2 ft long. He looks happy, doesn’t he?


If you’ve been to Roatan, please drop me a note in the comments about your favorite spots. And if you haven’t been, give it a shot. It’s pretty awesome.

4 thoughts on “2/8: Some Cool Places in Roatan (and tell me about more if you know any)

  1. Thanks for posting such great stuff about Roatan. It looks like you’ve checked out one of my favorites – Cafe Escondido. While in the West End, definitely drop by Sundowners for a sunset Monkey LaLa, and, if you’re in to spicy (seriously!) food, grab dinner at Tong’s Thai and try the Island Beef.

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