2/15: Bye Bye, Beach

It’s the day I leave Roatan after three lovely weeks. I’d been wanting to get some shots of Coxen Hole, described in more than one guidebooks as “an ugly town.” Far from it. No one, I hope, will ever try to Disneyfy it.

003 street CH

This is a restaurant serving pollo frito. It smelled great, though we didn’t stop.

001 lunch place CH
This is a vegetable stand we like to buy from.

002 green bananas

There’s Steve, walking down the street.

006 green stand
It seems kind of funny that people actually buy plants here since things grow absolutely like crazy. But here’s a Roatan nursery. Streetside, of course.

007 plant wall

And an alleyway we looked down with the ubiquitous Coke sign.

004 alleyway

It’s nice to know Steve can always find work.

010 graffitti dentist

We go back to the house by way of Flowers Bay, another non-tourist stop. I love the colors in this picture as we spy on some laundry.

016 FB laundry

A mini super is where you get beer, detergent, and stuff in cans.

013 FB pulperia

Most houses in Flowers Bay have a lovely ocean view.

011 flowers bay house

I have time for one more dip in that water before I split. I’d be crazy not to take it. See ya soon, Roatan. And States, see ya sooner.

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