3/6: Brazil

I recently interviewed delightful Andreia Antunes about her Brazilian cookie hobby. Click to learn about brigadieros, amigos.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.14.35 PM

Thinking of Brazil, I fondly remembered Grupo Corpo, a delightful Brazilian dance troupe that I wrote about a couple of years ago. I decided to check on them and see what they’re up to. As you’ll see if you jump, embedding a clip does not appear to be a good option. But you can find them on YouTube. They’ll warm you up nicely if you’re someplace as cold as Michigan (or worse, D.C.). And here’s their website with their touring schedule; definitely work a look.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.16.01 PM

Well, it ain’t Brazil without Xuxa, is it? Remember this? She has a heart as big as the world! (Really, the theme song said so.)

I’m sorry. I should have warned you. Ok, this will class things back up. Also, doesn’t she look like January Jones?

Closing out with some gorgeous street art from Rio. Yeah, it’s an ad, but ads like this I don’t mind.

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