3/11: Gondry a GoGo

Michel Gondry’s new movie, The We and the I, is getting rave reviews. I admit that I have not watched his other movies, which I’m now correcting. However, I do know him from his marvelous work with Bjork, including this:

I’ve got The Science of Sleep on right now, which is every bit as imaginative as the Bjork stuff.

It also features the wonderful Charlotte Gainsbourg; I’m particularly fond of her album with Beck (he produced), especially this little song…

…which reminds me of Claudine Longet. I love these 60s movies so much (this one is The Party). Check out Peter Seller’s white shoes!

Here’s another one with Lana Turner, The Big Cube! It’s “a sugar cube they load WITH LSD!!” George Chakiris is all evil. Heh.

Ending with Stephanie Powers, aka April Dancer, aka The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., go-go dancing to klezmer. Perhaps the only time in history someone has ponied to the lyric, “oy, oy, oy, oy!”

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