3/26: Some favorite things

Friends, I’ve been remiss. Moving has occupied me to a rather stultifying degree, and much as I’d like it to be over, the fat lady is still only doing endless warmups. I’ve had little time to look for and/or do cool stuff, and also don’t have the brain cells to write a Moving and Profound Treatise on Relocation. But you know me. It will come.

Last night, The Two Towers played on the big screen at the Michigan, and I took the kid so he could see it wall to wall at last. LOTR is one of the things we enjoy together (as opposed to the dreadful Hobbit; so unfortunate). Just today, I found this. Scary! And exactly the kind of thing that makes us grin.

We also find this howlingly funny.

A few other ties that bind us:

1. The Way to the Lantern. This marvelous out-of-print and completely forgotten novel, about an actor on the run who ends up in the middle of the French Revolution, is our absolute favorite. I found out about it from my mother, and it’s on her top 10 list as well.

2. We also loved The Art of Racing in the Rain, courtesy of Steve. A Zen meditation of sorts from a dog who records a story of love, loss, Ferraris, and the right time to pee on something.

3. The Simpsons. When you can say, “Moe is their leader,” and get a good chuckle back, you know that a) you have an inextricable bond, and b) you have watched season 2 too often.

4. Water. When H was little, I used to have to hold on tight when we got near the lily pond at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. He’s always been a water baby, and we’ve swum in pools, a lake, and the ocean together. Neither of us are particularly good swimmers, but it doesn’t matter.

5. Cats. Lord help us.

Now sing a quick song of thanksgiving that you’re not moving, provided you aren’t, and wish me godspeed as I pound through the last while.

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