5/11: What Do Mothers Want?

As my mom says, we really don’t need a special day as long as our kids treat us well all year, and if your kids only treat you nicely one time a year, that kind of makes the day worse. Nonetheless, everyone loves a present (and if you don’t, well….I don’t know what to say). Here are a few alternatives if you’re stuck between the proverbial box of chocolates and a Funny Singing Card.

1. Put flowers in every room in the house. Including the laundry room.

(From the Laura Casey Interiors blog.)

2. Write a poem. It doesn’t have to be all rhyme-y and will probably be better if it isn’t, unless you know what you’re doing. Contrary to popular belief, rhyming poetry should only be attempted by a master, like Shakespeare, Auden, Dr. Seuss, or Chuck D.

3. One of my favorite presents ever was a flip book from my son that had a different saying on each page to make me laugh, about 50 in all. A lot of them were just movie quotes, but there were original ones, too. It comes with me on any trip I take and never fails to make me happy.

4. DO NOT under any circumstances take Mom to brunch. It’s a notoriously detested day in restaurants, and you’ll encounter crowds and extremely overworked and likely cranky wait and kitchen staff. Instead, make Mom coffee or tea in bed—breakfast is risky as most of us don’t like the crumbs, or really even eating in bed, which feels kinda hospital-ly—and then get everyone out of the house. You’d be amazed how rarely moms of young kids have the house entirely to themselves, and it’s pretty darn great.

5. Just love her. And thank her. Even a long life is a blip. Celebrate while you can.

I love you, Mom.

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